Neurology involves treating disorders of the nervous system and spine. The anatomy and delicate functions of the body are the victims of neurological disorders.

At Fusion Apothecary, patients, doctors and neurologists alike can seek the highest quality medications developed with the most advanced technologies to treat such disorders. We offer medications for the following conditions:

Benefits of Compounded Medications

Compounded medications can be used to treat neurological disorders that affect the brain, nerves, and spinal cord. This type of medication is very effective. Generally, compounded medications are considered an advantageous alternative to a commercial product, when the patient is allergic to a particular ingredient in standard commercial products or where a patient cannot handle the unwanted side effects of certain ingredients.

Another key benefit of utilizing a specially crafted compounded medication is that if you suffer from a condition that requires the use of multiple therapies, our pharmacists can work to combine the therapies safely into one medication. This solves the nightmare of multiple pills and medications and is much more convenient, especially for a patient that finds it troubling to take medications in the first place. Compounded medications are a solution to this unique problem. There is also the benefit of controlling the dose, if you need slightly more or less than any common commercial product. If you have a preferred method or form of administering the medication, that is also a possibility. It is apparent that compounded medications serve many purposes and provide a sense of security, relief and comfort for patients struggling with complex disorders. Doctors can too enjoy the benefit in providing their patients with the very best quality and care in terms of treatment.

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